The Sumter Amateur Radio Association's flagship repeater is the W4GL 2 meter repeater which has been in continuous operation since 1978.

The Sumter Amateur Radio Association's 2 meter repeater operates on the frequency of 147.015+, and uses PL 156.7 Hz.

This repeater is networked with the South Carolina Hearts repeater system. It's location is several miles Southeast of the city on the Sumter SCETV tower with receive and transmit antennas at 750 feet.

The Sumter Amateur Radio Association's local 2 analog local repeater, which is located at Palmetto Health (Tuomey Hopital) operates on the frequency of 146.64, and uses PL 156.7.

Located in Wedgefield, SC we operate a repeater on 145.430 and use PL 156.7. This repeater has been restored to service.

SCHEART DMR Digital Repeater, located at Palmetto Health, operates on 441.8375 RX and 446.8375 TX (No PL required)

Also, we operate an analog UHF repeater on 444.150+ that uses PL 123.0 HZ

GMRS Repeater (GMRS licenserequired) 462.725 RX and 467.725 TX and uses PL 141.3 (Located at Palmetto Health)

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for a complete list of the HEARTS Network linked repeaters.


for a comprehensive repeater list at, administered by, K4KNJ


Sumter County Emergency Communications Net Tuesdays, 7:00 PM, 147.015 (PL 156.70) Repeater Net for all amateur radio operators in Sumter County and those who can activate the 147 .015 repeater. The Net is designed to practice emergency communications skills, provide training, and test equipment.

Calhoun County ARES Net at 7:30 p.m. Thursday on the St. Matthews repeater 146.670 negative offset PL tone 156.7

Repeater Antennas

The Sumter Amateur Radio Association, with the permission of the family of Glenn Swann, a founder of the original group in 1975, obtained his call sign. His call is used to identify the club's repeaters, as well as during special operating events of the club through out the year.

June, 2018

It occurred to me last night that the 147.015 repeater went on the air 40 years ago this month. I was working as a Studio Tech at WRJA that year and secured a spot on the WRJA tower at 800 feet. The first repeater equipment was a pair of tube-type transmitter and receiver strips. The club had spent all of its treasury on the antenna, hardline and a Phelps-Dodge duplexer, so the equipment on the ground had to be pieced together from whatever I could find. I built the first controller from a design in a magazine (73 magazine, I believe). This was the first "wide area coverage" repeater in the state, as far as I can remember. Only later did the Dillon repeater exceed it in coverage. For the first 25 years or so, the repeater had my calls on it (WA4UMU/R and WZ4O/R), until the club was able to obtain Glenn Swan's (a founding club member) call after his death (W4GL) and that became the repeater's callsign as well. So please join me in celebrating 40 years of continuous service of the 147.015 repeater. It's one of the premier repeaters in South Carolina...let's use it! -----Hap Griffin