Larry Williams I began my interest in radio in high school with the Civil Air Patrol – USAF auxiliary for search and rescue services on 4.585 mhz as Red Dog 71 fixed and Blue Dog 711 mobile station. We had a daily net each day that included eight states. In those days with clear channels you could depend on wide HF coverage. No exams, no code and vast friends on the East coast daily to chat with. With the start of CB radio we gained 26.62 mhz ( CB channel 10 crystals reversed) and VHF 148.15 mhz. We had only AM equipment available in the 60’s. I met my wife at a CAP flying encampment and soon after I had to quit the organization due to too many nets, too many practice searches and rescue drills weekends, and teaching duties.

 CB radio in the early days was wonderful. We only had five to six crystal controlled AM radios, 102” mobile whips and a box of extra crystals to switch frequencies and 23 clear channels to use. There were only 30 cber’s in all of Wilmington, N .C. and we monitored channel 11 and moved from there to talk with only other FCC licensed folks (KKK5250). I knew them all by name and their calls. No interference and wide coverage from huge antennas on tall trees.

 KA4ELG radio and SARA were a part of my move to Sumter. The 04/64 and 06/76 were the unreliable repeaters for years. We had a lot of repeater problems but lots of chatter and many dear SARA friends. With the necessary repeater tones and my old radios with no tones I lost interest in radio for several years. I replaced hamming with only scanner listening.

  Now with new inexpensive radios with tone access I am now again a part of SARA again as your secretary/treasurer. I welcome your input and suggestions as I serve your club.     I am also trained in the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief program. Many churches have outreach programs through helping areas that have suffered a disaster. They provide cleanup, chain saw crews, feeding trailers with food from the Red Cross, and emergency communications.  Some Baptist churches have equipped radio vans with all amateur channels including satellite communications. I am a part of this effort through the Southern Baptist Relief program.