Knights of Columbus Hall 2325 Camden Highway

WHEN: 7:00 PM

If you are not familiar with the Sumter area, driving directions can be obtained easily at Google Maps, MapQuest, or other Websites. If you have a GPS equipped vehicle, just enter the above address for navigation to the meeting facility.

A club meeting opens with the President conducting the business session. A typical club meeting begins promptly at 7 PM and concludes before 9 PM.

A popular feature of a club meeting is "Show and Tell" where club members can show some of their favorites to the club members. In this picture, Mike is describing one of his favorite portable antennas.

A highlight of each club meeting is a program about an interesting aspect of amateur radio such as antenna design, operational procedures, propagation, emergency services, safety, new equipment, old equipment restoration, etc. In this photo, Hap is presenting a program on how off-center fed dipoles antennas work.