SARA Members' Personal Web Pages

A number of our club members have posted pictures of their station
along with information about their interests in amateur radio.

2017-18 SARA Membership Roster

Members Call Sign
Bill Aburn KA9YYU
Jim Barnard W4BRX
Jim Bendel K9LB
Julian Blair KM4YYN
Robert Burress KM4DFX
Mike Craven KK4FU
Pam Craven N4KSF
Steve Craven KN4AXW
Tommy Dubose KB4CJH
Mike Dunlap NF4Z
Charley Francis KF4ARD
Joey Geddings W4SBE
Hap Griffin WZ4O
Richard Haselden K4CWK
Wes Johnson AI4PX
Bruce Knoblock KN0BBY
Phil Lackey K4SPL
Mike Majority N4VBV
Dan Mask WB5SGH
George Mudd KK4F
Jim Reading K4JR
Dee Stone W4RDS
PJ Tobias W4GSR
Danny Welch W4DCW
Gale Wilkenson KC4PL
Larry Williams KA4ELG