SkyWarn Class Registration Information

As previously announced, we are hosting two more Skywarn training sessions with Doug Anderson, W4NWS.

Here are the sessions we are hosting:

9/28 Advanced --

10/26 Advanced (Radar) --"

In addition, here are two additional sessions being hosted by the Chapin Volunteer Emergency Team (CVET): 8/25 Basic -- 9/8

Advanced -- All sessions are from 1900 to 2100 Local time on the dates indicated.

Finally, here is link to the complete schedule.Please tap this button to register for the class(es) you wish to attend as soon as possible. Charley Francis, KF4ARD SARA President
If you are not familiar with the Sumter area, driving directions can be obtained easily at Google Maps, MapQuest, or other Websites. If you have a GPS equipped vehicle, just enter the above address for navigation to the meeting facility.